How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car?

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How Long Does it Take to Ship a Car?

Many factors affect how long it takes to ship a car, including the type of vehicle being shipped, the shipping route, and the time of year. However, sending a car cross-country typically takes about a week, while shorter routes can take as little as a few days.

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Why does Car Shipping Take so Long?

Car shipping can take a while due to long distances, the potential for poor weather, traffic jams, and high demand levels. The best way to decrease how long it takes to ship a car is by booking a delivery week in advance while the most efficient providers are still available.

How Long does It Take to Ship a Car Within the United States?

It can take a few days to shipping a vehicle to another state. However, cross-country moves take about a week, and ship a car to another state, like Hawaii or Alaska, usually requires longer transit time.

How Many Factors Affect the Time to Ship a Car?

Route Distance

This is obvious, but the longer the route, the longer it will take to deliver a car. Once your vehicle is picked up, a few hundred miles will only take a day or two, while transporting a car across the country will take 5-to seven days.

Loading and unloading locations 

To ship car pick up and delivery location plays a critical role. A transport carrier is essential in shipping a car if they only have to drive along main highways and interstates. When we are delicate from the main route or deal with hand to each area, it majorly increases the car shipping time frame.


Where is it being delivered to, and Where is the vehicle picked up? These two locations will impact the time it takes to ship a car. If either location is in or near a metropolitan area or along a major interstate, it will be much easier and quicker to ship your vehicle.


The progress of car shipping companies can hamper lousy weather conditions. For an auto shipping company, safety is our priority. So drivers are forced to drive very slowly when the weather is terrible.

Driver’s hour 

The transport department mandates the truck driver to rest before counting their car shipping journey for safety reasons.

The condition of the road 

It's one factor that can be very predictable. Road closure due to construction work, traffic jams, and driving accidents can further delay transit times.

Vehicle Type

Some vehicles take a lot of time for anytime movers dispatch team to find the proper type of carrier to ship them. For example, if you have an extra-large vehicle, such as a commercial cargo van or dually truck, finding a car with a trailer that can accommodate it may take longer.

If you have an expensive or rare vehicle, such as a classic car or a Lamborghini, you will likely be looking not only for an enclosed trailer but also for a driver who specializes in hauling these types of precious vehicles. It will take additional time to find those types of trucks.

Time of Year

Peak moving season for car haulers and moving companies is in the warmer months. Transport companies are busy nationwide, starting in late spring and ending in early fall.

It may be picked up sooner due to the number of trucks going back and forth across the United States If you are shipping a car around these times.

If you are transporting your vehicle in the winter months, it may take longer to arrange for the pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

How are Our Car Shipping Services Speedy?

Use open car transport

Open car shipping is quicker compared to enclosed car shipping because the enclosed car carrier is very small. You will find booking a car shipping service with an open car shipping carrier much easier and faster.

Planning ahead of time

When shipping your car, book a reservation for a few weeks to give a shipping penalty to find suitable carriers. Most auto shipping providers are brokers who connect you with truckers; they can find the most significant option.

Picking terminal to terminal shipping.

Terminal to terminal shipping offers trailers an easier way to transport your vehicle. Delivering cars to a central location such as a city terminal is far safer and more efficient than heading down back roads or subdivisions.

Some providers, such as Anytime Movers, only offer door-to-door shipping. Still, it’s worth considering terminal-to-terminal options if available to you.

 Considered expedited shipping:

 This type of service is costly, but they are the best way to decrease how long it takes to ship a car. Because it will spike your price, it is best to consider expedited delivery as a last resort if you want the vehicle delivered almost immediately.

How Can I Prepare My Car for Shipping?

You should have your car inspected and routine maintenance before transporting it to another state. You should note any scratches, photographs, dings, or dents that may already exist on your vehicle once it's complete. Make sure to have a spare set of keys ready when you receive the car in case your keys were lost or damaged in the move.

How Does the Process of Car Moving Services Work?

Shipping a car typically takes one to ten days, but the length depends on a few things. To figure out how long it could take to ship your vehicle, you should first be familiar with the car shipping process. We have broken it down step by step below.

Get Free Quotes

First, you will get car shipping quotes online. Maximum car shipping companies' websites have car shipping calculators or instant quote tools, but some require you to provide your details over the phone.

The company will either assign one of its carriers or, if it’s a broker, present this information to independent car carriers that will bid on your job. If the company offers an instant quote tool online, you will get a quoted price back within a few moments.

Choose a Car Shipping Company

After receiving a few quotes, you must decide which car shipping company best suits your needs. Choose a company fully insured and licensed by the United States. Department of Transportation. Most auto shipping companies, like Anytime Movers and vet car carriers, ensure each is registered.

Book Your Car Shipment

Once you have chosen your provider, you can book your auto shipping. Some companies will require an up-front payment or deposit to secure your shipment. With Anytime Movers, you will make an initial payment once we secure a carrier for your shipping. Once your shipment is complete, you will pay the remaining balance in full.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Once your pickup date is confirmed, you will prepare your car for shipment. Here are the kinds you want to take to make sure your auto is ready:

Track Your Shipment

After the transport carrier driver picks your car up, most car moving companies provide a way to track the status of your shipment. Some car shippers provide an app with GPS tracking, while others offer full-time customer service. This way, you will know of any shipping delays immediately.

Pick Your Car Up

Your car will depend on your car shipping service being delivered to your door or a terminal in a central location. When you select anytime movers, you will have the convenience of door-to-door shipping.

You and the carrier driver will be required to inspect the vehicle again for any damage that may have happened during transit. You will then sign a bill of lading and pay the carrier the remaining balance.


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